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Qlico CLI

Qlico CLI is a shell script which makes it easier to work with your containers, projects and Qlico core.


Copy the qlico shell script to your local bin directory. This way you can easily name it to your liking and make personal adjustments if needed. Also make sure the script is executable:

cp ~/qlico-core/qlico ~/.local/bin/
chmod u+x ~/.local/bin/qlico

Of course adjust the above commands if your directories are located elsewhere.

Directory settings

Optionaly you can change the directory settings where qlico core is located and where your projects are:



By convention php is used as the php container name and nodejs as the node.js container name for each project. If for some reason you prefer to use other names, you can change these as well. Make sure you always use these names in each of your projects.



qlico <project> <command> [arguments]

The qlico script should always be followed by the name of the directory in the QLICO_PROJECTS_DIR where your project resides. The name core is reserved and is meant to execute commands on the Qlico core stack.

Common commands

These commands are available for all projects and core containers. All commands can be followed by container names if you want to apply the command for specific containers.


Build all of the images or the specified one(s):

# build all images in my-project
qlico my-project build

# build only the php and nodejs images in my-project
qlico my-project build php nodejs


Remove the entire Docker environment. All containers, images and volumes will be deleted! Useful if you want to purge your project. Use with caution, confirmation will be asked.

qlico my-project destroy


Stop and destroy all containers.

qlico my-project down


Display and tail the logs of all containers or the specified one's.

qlico my-project logs


Shortcut for stopping and starting all containers.

qlico my-project refresh


Restart the containers.

qlico my-project restart


Stop the containers.

qlico my-project stop


Start the containers.

qlico my-project up

PHP container commands

These commands are only available for the QLICO_PHP containers.


Run a Laravel artisan command

qlico laravel-project artisan make:command SendEmails


Run a Composer command.

qlico my-project composer install


Run a Symfony console command.

qlico symfony-project console config:dump-reference framework


Run a command within the php container. This can be any executable available in the container.

qlico my-project run bin/my-shell-script
qlico my-project run php vendor/bin/ecs check src/Controller --fix
qlico my-project run ls -lR


Run a php command with Xdebug enabled. For more info on Xdebug, see: Usage/Debugging with Xdebug

qlico symfony-project xphp bin/console app:my-debug-command

Node.js container commands

These commands are only available for the QLICO_NODEJS containers.


Run a NPM command.

qlico my-project npm init -y


Run a Yarn command

qlico my-project yarn upgrade


If you use one or more projects frequently, register an alias to save you some typing:

# without alias
qlico my-awesome-super-project composer update
# with alias masp="qlico my-awesome-super-project"
masp composer update